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Steroids are drugs that have been developed for therapeutic action, aiming at muscle recovery, mass gain and bone tissue development among others. These anabolics are made to function as the hormones we already have naturally in the body, testosterone example, so why use it? It is used to get better results in muscle development or body tissues that we need or when our body is not producing the amount of hormone we need.

These steroids are well known for the results they bring to the aturem, causing our cells to grow and divide more and in less time.

Clearly the difference between those who use these drugs for muscle growth, there is an increase in protein synthesis that is the basis for muscle tissue formation, increased strength at the time of the series or training exercises, Mealtime is longer, muscle modeling is larger, muscles become shapely and large.

Due to all these characteristics mentioned above, mainly by the increase of strength and muscular volume, these anabolizantes are used by professional athletes and athletes, to conquer better performance in their competitions, although their use is prohibited by the sporting organizations.

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The difference between athletes who use and those who do not use steroids is so great that it becomes unfair competition because of this gigantic difference in athlete performance, competing using anabolic steroids has been banned in many sports when the athlete is caught using anabolic steroids he Is generally excluded from competition.

In addition to professional athletes and sportsmen, the use of these steroids has been great in a personal environment that practices bodybuilding, due to the rapid gain of lean mass, stimulation in fat loss and sharp increase in definition.

Remember that just like any other medication, steroids if used excessively or incorrectly can cause side effects such as: increase of hair, libido increase, increase of vocal cords, change in cholesterol level, genicomastia among others.

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