Steroids And Information On PCT

Classification Of Steroids And Information On PCT

There are unnumbered enthusiasts of bodybuilding and a lot of people follow the sports vehemently and usually are well aware of any updates of this physical sports. It is indeed the passion of the person when he becomes engrossed with an individual personality of the bodybuilding industry and attempts to walk on any pro bodybuilders footsteps by ascertaining his diet and workout regime. Bodybuilding enthusiasts may also know that it’s next to impossible to develop a torso like the professionals without taking any muscle enhancing product. We are talking about steroids here, a synthetic product is the simulated and more powerful form of body’s natural hormone. Steroids in UK and in US is widely used already and a layman when hears about a term like steroids, he generally can’t distinguish between the variety and tags all the compounds as one general term “Steroids.”

If we talk in technical terms, a steroid is just not one specific synthetic compound; this generic compound is subdivided into two main categories: bulking steroids and cutting steroids. Here, we are going to discuss the classification of steroids which will give a clear understanding that which exact steroidal compound will fall under which exact category of steroids.

Let’s understand the difference between Cutting Steroids and Bulking Steroids. Also, we can know from the following section that which steroidal products available in the market fall under which specific steroid category:

  • Cutting Steroids—

    This is a specialized steroid which is synthesised using specific formulation to target the muscle shape of the body. Cutting steroids are molecularly different than bulking steroids. These anabolic agents bring more definition to the muscles and impart an aesthetically pleasing physique. There are several fitness models around the world who prefer this specific kind of steroidal agent above bulking agents. People can buy cutting steroids in two variations: Cutting oral steroids Cutting injectable steroids.

Here is the list of scientifically tested steroidal products which are scientifically classified as cutting steroids:

  1. Equipoise 300 is a brand of cutting injectable steroids which are scientifically known as BoldenoneUndecyclenate and used for improving the strength in the body and for better definition of muscles.  It promotes protein synthesis and increases the Red Blood Cell production. It augments the tissue rebuilding ability of the muscles and retains lean muscle mass of the body.


  1. Diamond Labs NPP—It is a branded anabolic steroid for a generic Nandrolone Phenyl Propionate and generally just known as “NPP.” The molecular structure of this cutting injectable steroid is similar to that of natural human testosterone. NPP 100 increases the nitrogen levels in the body and boosts the red blood cell count. Although this product can be used for both bulking and cutting purposes, it possesses stronger cutting properties and is used by pro bodybuilders for gaining those separations in the muscles.
Diamond Labs NPP 100
Diamond Labs NPP 100

3. Anavar 10 mg—Manufactured by a reputed company called Royal Labs, Anavar 10 mg is used to cut down the visceral fat of the body and speed up the lean muscle building rate of the body. These cutting oral steroids improve the respiratory function and also help in healing any wound in the body.


  • Bulking steroids—Bulking steroids are somewhat similar to the molecular structure of the cutting steroids except the fact that these anabolic agents are synthesised to give a more weighty physique to the user. Bulking steroids are often preferred by bodybuilders who focus on gaining the size rather than the aesthetics. Bulking steroids also come in two variations: bulking oral steroids bulking injectable steroids.

Here’s the list of the top 3 bulking steroids in the market:

  1. Deca 300—Deca 300 is the brand name for generic cutting injectable steroids called “nandrolonedecanoate.” The product is manufactured by a reputed company named PharmaMed and is used to enhance the muscle tolerance ability. This helps the person to do greater pumps during the workouts. This is one of the few anabolic steroids which increase the bone marrow stimulation which helps in increasing the bone density as well.

  1. RIP 200—Manufactured by a leading health supplement manufacturer Diamond Labs, RIP 200 is one of the most affordable cutting injectable steroids which treats low level of male sex hormone. Following a complete cycle of this anabolic agent, a user can experience an immense growth in the physical structure and can feel the pump in the energy.
Diamond LabsRIP 200
Diamond LabsRIP 200
  1. Dianabol 10 mg— Manufactured by Royal Labs, Dianabol 10 mg is a cutting oral steroids which is composed of methandienone and contains both anabolic and androgenic properties. This is a very powerful bulking agent which has a proven track record in giving satisfactory results to the professional bodybuilders. It increases the protein synthesis in the body and allows nitrogen retention which helps in building muscle mass in the body with uniformity.

Dianabol 10mg

Along with the aforementioned cutting and bulking steroids, a bodybuilding enthusiast or a person who plans to embark on the cycles of these compounds should about PCT steroids as well.  Post Cycle Therapy or PCT is a method to restore the natural ability of the body to generate testosterone after putting an end to the steroidal cycles. Clomid 50 mg and Nolvadex 20 mg are the best examples of PCT compounds which subsides the chances of any side-effect of anabolic steroids in the body.