Most Commonly Used Steroids In The UK

Find About Some Staple Steroids In UK

Anabolic steroids empower a normal human to surpass the normal physical limits. The use of these performance-enhancing compounds has been on the rise since pro bodybuilders and professional athletes have been found using these muscle building agents. Anabolic steroids are however categorised as controlled substance but still, seekers find a way to source this compound. The fact can’t be denied though that these synthetic compounds produce a remarkable effect on the improvement of muscle mass and performance.


As per the reports, it’s been found that over 60,000 people in the UK have embarked on the steroidal cycles at some stage of their lives. However, these are the figures of the official survey department of England and the actual numbers of the people who buy steroids in UK can be even bigger.

Steroids are classified in the Class C substance, which means it’s not an offence to possess such a compound but manufacturing them without a license is indeed illegal.

 Here is the list of most commonly used steroids in the UK:  

  • Amphetamine

It’s considered as the most potent stimulant which boosts the nervous system and increases the alertness and stamina in following a regular cycle. But, on exceeding the recommended cycles, the substance can turn deadly for the user and some cases of cardiac arrhythmia and heart attacks have also been noted.  

  • Corticosteroids

One form of anabolic steroids, the potent steroidal compound augments the glucose production in the body and increases the release of fatty acids. The compound has been clinically proven to reduce the inflammation in the body parts which lowers the risk of any injury and illness during the rigorous workout sessions. Although not in every case, few users of corticosteroids have reported anxiety and depression as a side-effect.  

  • Nandrolone

It is a steroidal compound which has high anabolic (muscle-building) nature and contains mild androgenic properties. Nandrolone has a slow-release mechanism than other steroids. Maintain a proper cycle of this anabolic agent can boost the muscle growth and can help the user to achieve those aesthetically pleasing cuts in the body as well. During the cycles of this steroid, individuals may face slightly high blood pressure and mood swings.

Except for the steroidal use, Human Growth Hormone or HGH has been another synthetic compound which has become a favourite among the bodybuilding enthusiasts in the UK. The non-steroidal compound partially contains natural growth hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland, found under the kidneys. HGH products are usually available in injectable forms which are formulated to boost the muscle growth in the human body and improve the recuperation rate.