Guide For Steroids Use

Online Guide For Steroids Use – For Beginners

So, you have been a diehard follower of those pro bodybuilders on the Olympia stage and have made up your mind to walk on their footprints. You start off the gruelling sessions in the gym with vehemence and then you realize that to achieve that advanced physique it would take something extra other than the regular pumps with the dumbbells.

Let’s suppose, finally, you made up your mind to try the Steroidal Cycles, but you are dubious about the correct use of such anabolic and androgenic agents. You leave no stones unturned to find information on the questions which are creating turmoil in your mind but still you don’t manage to find something on which you can completely put your faith on.

Here, for all those beginner users of steroids, we have garnered all the information which would clear all possible doubts in one’s mind. In the following section of this article we would answer the following questions:

What are steroids?
  • Am I old enough to start the cycles of Steroids?
  • Which steroids would be good for me?
  • Where should buy original steroids from?
  • What are the timings for taking steroids?

Let’s start with the first recurring question in the aforementioned list

What is steroid?

Steroids are the synthetic form of the natural testosterone produced in the human body. The production of natural testosterone produced in the body is regulated by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Synthetic steroids are formulated by using natural testosterone and share almost the same molecular structure. When the synthetic version of testosterone kicks in the body, it boosts the physical performance of the torso and enhances the muscle growth at a rapid rate.

Am I old enough to start the cycles of Steroids?

If you are above the age of 21, then you can definitely buy steroids in uk and go for the regular cycles. But, if you are underage then it would be a big risk to take these anabolic agents as they cause a premature closing of the growth plates. Starting a steroidal use before the age of 21 can put the reins over the height of a person and you might end up with a contorted physique.

Which steroids would be good for me?

Based on the scientific facts, it would be incorrect to say that a steroidal product of a specific brand or specific type will work for every person. That depends totally on what kind of body do you aspire to have. However, based on studies, we can suggest that if someone sets a target to have a bulked up body then he/she can go for steroidal compounds like Dianabol, Andropen&Deca, which are universally recognised as best bulking steroids. For those, who prefer getting a chiselled and lean physique instead of that weighty formation can choose cutting steroids like Equipoise, Tren-Ace &Anavar.

Where should buy original steroids from?

You will find several supplement shops in the downtown who claim to be offering the authentic steroids but you would hardly manage to get a good bargain from those stores. Physical stores always have their maintenance costs which they recover by adding up extra cost to the products they sell. But, you can choose the alternate option of online supplement suppliers which not only come up with discounted deals on the steroids and body supplements but also provide the netizens with invaluable information about the products they offer.

What are the timings for taking steroids?

Technically, it does not make much difference what time of the day you take steroids. But, if you are taking the injectable form of steroids then make sure you don’t exceed more than one injection per week. In case, if you have better concentration levels of blood then you can take up to 2 doses of injections in a week. For the steroidal products like Dianabol, which are apparently available in oral forms, make sure you take such strong supplements with a heavy meal to avoid any gastrointestinal discomfort.