Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

The term “Post Cycle Therapy” is often thrown around inappropriately on many online forums. Due to lack of information on this subject, a lot of people live in misconception and expect way too much out of the PCT. Those who intend to implement a PCT plan in their lifestyle need to understand the purpose of the therapy in detail before they actually start following such post-steroid-cycle therapies. Here, at you can read and learn about the right implementation of PCT with the detailed answers of your curious questions like what is PCT; what is the right way of implementing it; and literally all those questions which can arise in the mind of a person.

What is PCT?

When a bodybuilding enthusiasts or professionals resort to anabolic androgenic steroids in order to have quick muscle gain on the body, the natural level of hormones in the body gets altered. When someone takes an anabolic steroid, the addition of synthetic hormones causes the suppression of the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. After a prolonged steroidal cycle of any potent anabolic agent, the levels of estrogen and progesterone can rise beyond a healthy range. The increased levels of estrogen and progesterone can somehow be controlled with the use of right supplements but the inability of the system to produce natural testosterone can still remain.

When a person stops using the steroidal compound, the fluctuated levels of natural hormone production the system can cause serious consequences at the time. To reduce such risks, a PCT plan is recommended to restore the natural ability of the body to produce a stagnant level of testosterone and other natural hormones. In the PCT plan, oral compounds like Clomid and Novaldex can be used right after stopping the steroidal cycles. This will ensure the balance of estrogen level in the body and will bolster the nature production ability of the system to produce testosterone.

When Should You Start PCT?

Usually, one should start the Post Cycle Therapy or PCT within 2 weeks from putting a stop on the run of steroid cycles. This is because the chemical properties of the anabolic agents one has used over the whole steroidal cycle usually last in the body for 10-20 days after stopping the cycles. Afterwards, the body tends to return on its natural mechanism to produce hormones. This transition phase can be very vulnerable and it becomes very crucial to restore the natural ability of the body with the help of PCT supplements to produce hormones on time.

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