Beginner low dosage cutting stack

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Product Description

As many new starters know losing weight and cutting down can be very difficult here we have put together a tried and tested course to help. You get the body your always wanted, once you try the following combinations.

This stack consists of:

1 x Equipoise 300mg/ml

1 x Winstrol 10mg

1 x Clomid 50mg tab

1 x Needle kit

Start off with 300mg Equipoise every 5 days and 50mg Winstrol per day, building up to450mg a week of winstrol after 3 weeks and continue 50mg winstrol after 5 weeks. Taper down the dose to 300mg after 5 week 1 50mg of clomid per day

 Price £85.00 great savings plus 1 free needle kit