Medium dosage cutting stack

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Diamond LabsRIP 200
2 × RIP 200

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Product Description

This stack is for experienced trainers that want to cut and thus has a higher dosage this course has great savings and will help all to get that look that everyone wants

This stack consists of:

3 x Equipoise 300mg/ml

2 x Rip 200 blend 200mg/ml

2 x Winstrol 50mg tab

1 x Clomid 50mg tab

3 x Needle kit

Start off with 450 mg equipoise and 200mg Rip blend and 1 x 50mg winstrol tablet per day,increase the equipoise up to week six and then tail off by introducing clomid after week 9 of the 12 week course.

Great savings £285 plus free needle kits