Medium to high dosage bulking stack

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After you have been taking steroids for a period of time you become to realise there strengths and gains with this combination you will achieve great gains physically and strength wise.

5 x 10ml Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/ml

4 x 10ml Dianabol tablets 10mg/ml

3 x 10ml Decca Durabolin300mg/ml

1 x 10ml Trenenan 200m/ml

1 x Clomid 50mg tabs

5 x Needle kit free

Dosage as is follows:

50mg Dianabol tabs per day, 4/6ml Testosterone Cypionate per week & 1.5ml of Trenenan per week. Slightly increase dosage after the 4th week by introducing 2ml of Decca per week and taper down after 8th week. The dose also includes Clomid to regain natural hormone balance around week 10.

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