Equipoise and Winstrol and clomid

Stack Up Equipoise With Winstrol To Add Lean Muscle Mass

You hit the gym and take a high protein diet. You got that humongous size you aimed for, but that’s a total lacklustre if you don’t have definition in your muscles. Well, you still can consider achieving an aesthetically pleasing body—and that’s possible with the planned stack-up of these two steroidal compounds—Equipoise and Winstrol.

The injectable form of equipoise adds up lean muscle mass to your body at a very speedy rate and the simultaneous cycle of oral doses of Winstrol enhances the physical strength in the body and adds more definition to your lean muscle mass.

What is Equipoise and How Does it Work?

Equipoise aka Ganabol & Ultragan is a highly anabolic and moderately androgenic steroidal compound available in the injectable form. It has an androgenic/anabolic ratio of 1:2 with an active life of nearly a fortnight. Equipoise is known for its lean muscle mass promoting properties and its ability to enhance the body strength. It improves the appetite of the user and stimulates the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys. It promotes the count of red blood cells (RBC) which empowers the individual to get greater pumps during intense workouts.

Usage of this injectable cutting steroid over a period of 6 – 10 week with stacking up additional compound like Winstrol can result in a great gain of solid & dense muscle fibres with great definition.

Winstrol—The best stack-up steroidal compound

Popularly known with the name of Stanozolol, Winstrol is an FDA recommended anabolic steroid with unique properties. It’s an apt stack-up compound with Equipoise and can survive the digestive tract, which let the compound stay intact within the system and be used by the body for a longer duration. It is available in the oral form and like other anabolic agents improves the physical strength of the torso. If properly used for the cutting cycles, Winstrol can add amazing detailing on the lean muscle mass and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the body.

 Clomid— Works For PCT And Makes The Cycle Safe

While you are stacking up two powerful anabolic compounds, the body undergoes a drastic change and relies heavily on the release of synthetic testosterone through the functioning of cutting steroids. Once you put a stop on these cycles and switch to the natural process, the internal mechanism of the body sometimes loses its ability to generate the hormones naturally once again. Reason being, a post cycle therapy (PCT) is crucial to take within 2 weeks of curbing the steroidal cycle. Clomid is an oral PCT agent which helps the system to regain the natural ability to regulate the hormones. It ensures the elimination of any unwanted side-effects during the transition.